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In his civic duties,  Dr. Coultate handled with profound common sense both important issues and the trivial, like the matter of Muzzling Dogs

Whilst his family, professional and civic duties made him a busy man, music, especially choral music was his love.

"Shakespeare? - there's no music in him!"

"Not Doh, Rae, Me... Wee, Poo, Taa!!!"

of Doctor Coultate


A Pickup before JP Coultate?

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'The first performance of Elijah, conducted by Mendelssohn himself, took place on the 26th August 1846 before an audience of two thousand who had packed into Birmingham Town Hall for the eagerly-awaited event. It was an unprecedented success. No less than four choruses and four arias were encored, and the applause evidently bordered on the hysterical.

Dr Coultate was there!