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Caroline Fothergill 1858 - 1937 page 2


In 1900 Caroline began work in the East End of London. The 1901 census records her living near the Royal Victoria Docks and employed as a Church of England mission worker. The C of E mission that was very active near her was based at the Church of the Ascension in Baxter Road. It still operates today and its own website records its history:


History of Ascension Church 

'In the mid 19th Century, the poor but developing area of Royal Docks was brought to the attention of the Headmaster of a private independent school in Essex, Felsted. His actions led to the founding of the Felsted School Mission Association which proposed that every master, prefect and pupil pay a subscription to the Association. This funding meant that in 1887 a small brick and iron mission building could be built in Baxter Road, Custom House, the site of the present Ascension Church. However, by 1891 – just four years later – the congregation had outgrown its first home. The Felsted School Mission Association contributed to the £5,500 cost of building a new church and a former Felsted student, JEK Cutts, was appointed as architect. The new worship centre was dedicated on Ascension Day, 8th May 1902.


Since its inception, Ascension has always sought to be a church at the heart of its local community. In the late 18- and early 1900s it was delivering the kind of community-based youth work that any church today would be proud of, including a swimming club which taught the children living near the notoriously dangerous docks to swim, and a football team, while the thriving dock community ensured weekly attendances of over 600 on a Sunday.'

Silvertown19211 Church-of-The-Ascension-

How long Caroline worked there in London I have yet discovered, however, the 1911 census finds her living near her ancestral roots in the Wenslydale village Askrigg,Yorkshire. She dies in Windermere 1937 living with her sister Elizabeth who is the last to survive, passing in 1941


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