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Adventures of the Mind

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Past Pages

Moses Chapter 1 - How God reveals greater knowledge

'I will Raise Up Another like unto thee'

A Date Coincidence - When Joseph Smith received the history of a branch of the House of Israel

'Blessed is He' - Could Jesus Christ offend you?

Habits, the Bricks and Morter of Character

About Doubts

Where Can I Turn for Peace?  Regarding Temple worship

From Scrooby to New England - The story of the Pilgrim Fathers

Who wrote: 'If any of you lack wisdom?'

The Spirit of Christmas

The Pursuit of Happiness by Elder James E Faust

Help From those Passed On... or Just Coincidences

What Date Easter?

Ancient Prophecy Fulfilled - 3rd April 1836

Can We Scientifically Prove That Intellingent Intervention Brought Order To The Universe?

'Experiment Upon My Words' Einstein and Alma

Have You Had Your Opinion Health Checkup?

What is My Self? (Concluding words from Mere Christianity by CS Lewis)

A Fresh Look at CHARITY

Counting the Cost of Discipleship

Icons and Orthodoxy

The 4 Loves (Commentary on CS Lewis Book)

The Opera Carmen

Gardens of the Mind (A series)

Boredom - An Addendum to Gardens of the Mind

Feast Day of St Luke

Meteora and the Monastic Life

Poppies - A Time of Remembrance

A Christmas Puzzle

Toni Baxter, Singer - Upon Her Passing

The Gospels - Some Reflections

Frederick C Petchey

Fact or Fiction?

What Does Freedom FEEL Like?

'To Timothy, my dearly beloved son'

The Music Makers

Rootstech 2017 (My Highlights)

African Oral Genealogy, a Race Against Time

A Visitor from the Other Side - Elder Nelson's Story

Adventures in Rhythm Chapter 1

Adventures in Rhytm Chapter 2

Oinofyta Refugee Camp

Cedd and Those Before Him

Summary of Bede's History and the Story of Imma and Tunna

Tragic Story of 12 Year Old Harry Petchey

Adventures in Rhythm Chapter 3 - Two Singers

A Page for St Patrick

Why did Jesus Curse the Fig Tree

Prime Suspect: My first encounter with Inspector Doxsey

The Fothergill Sisters

The Coultate Tomb Found